The Departed Soul

That withered soul

Breaks the human bonds

And soars

To set on a journey far

Beyond the reach of the mortal call

Finally drifts off to complete

The Fate full carved

Dwindles onto the hazed clues

On the reclusive path

To the promised reigns true

It splurges

Emerges to the prized highs

Conflicted with the urges

Thoughts of flying back

To once again

Immerse in the dazzling divulges

One last glance at the world

For that contentment of the broken soul

Covet those desires unfulfilled

Craves to utter the words unsaid and unspilled

Kinship roars

Although, quickly disfigured and implored

Hawks scourge to mislead the willed

Bit by the wrinkled claws skilled

Heaven prims surge

Giddily, stand at the light curve

Wait to embrace the departed soul

The trifle human remains

Are left of the life carefully mold

After him, days keep unveiling to unroll

Not any tasks hold gild

At last, men realize, memories aren’t sacred holes


This is like a roller coaster ride. Everything just keeps on hitting simultaneously. Amazing work !


She sings a song to warn the world
“the sun is rising; i’ll soon be flying
here i am, catch me if you can
catch me if you can, here i am, here i am.”
Brave lil bird repeats her greeting
sees a shadow in the breeze fleeting.
The sly fox he trots up to the tree
“little bird, little bird, did you call me?”
“funny old fox, if these wings could throw rocks
that’s what they would do, i assure you.
go to bed go to bed; it isn’t you i dread
for here comes the sun; your nocturnal day is done.”
From a twig of the tree she spreads her wings;
starts to fly and starts to sing:
“the sun is rising, the dew is drying
here i am flying, here i am flying.”
oh she’s making such a sound,
the cat in the hedge is woken and…

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Our Homeland’s Worth

Fireworks all around,

Footsteps without a sound;

The routes to righteousness profound,

Illiteracy all around;

Inadequacies grown wildly on ground,

Unjust rulers found;

The nation bleeding from wound,

Followed by powerful hound;

Corruption with limitless bound;

We need to be freed,

Of all our misdeeds;

And eradicate sorrow,

To witness another tomorrow;

Joining hands,

To make our land;

A place to thrive,

Won’t sweep to worldly drives;

A heaven on earth,

Is our homeland’s worth.


Act of Life

Peering through the cracked holes of memories and strife, I find an abrupt rupture of involuntary heartache. The battles should be fought and forgotten, not to be buried in plain sight. But, the heart can never seem to let anything pass by it and drown in the ocean of nothingness. It wraps them around in the smoothness of its flimsy core, to be touched upon when darkness befalls and would not vacate. It clutches them delicately and makes them rest in the throbbing articulation of its Life.

Life, I wonder, is not simply comprised of desolate contentions and defeats, losses and stings, strikes and miss. It often brings along many triumphs, laughter and affections. Yet, when you look back at the time spend, the tiny specks of joy fleet by like momentary glimpses of color. While, the anguish of Life itself lingers on, dissolving in the most reluctant commutes of Life.

The road through Life is twisted and barren with occasional showers of delight. Although, happiness finds tiny holes to fill, it is the essence on which we keep dragging the tired souls. When we slide across the journey of our hearts, we never imagine we would someday be molding our beings into something beyond our realization. We let go of the things we proclaim of never pulsing without and manage to complete the emptiness inside. The time moves on neither stopping nor holding for us to catch on. The evil gripping’s of the moments torment and pass through without a back glance. In all the yearning’s, Hope is the only stronghold for us to reside comfortingly, peacefully. The lonely manifestation of the being is evident in the course of the Universe. But, the acceptance of this reality is so shroud that we keep on flapping our hands to hold on to someone in the airstream of Nature. The medal of Divinity is the spirituality we all should Hope to achieve and gain. It may be the award of the soul tainting and the strength it takes to recover it bit by bit. Although, the realization of the cravings our souls desire, takes a lifetime of conflicts within our conscience.

Our reflection shines to us brighter than the new moon. If we were ever to know the worth of our Life acts, we would entirely reform the views we once professed. I forever remain confused in the verified categorization of humans. Does the varied spiritual form require admiration regardless of its divulgence?

Wars have been brought to alter the truth of the blithe. Do we not acknowledge the trials of our souls that we make it an aim to drag others through the very same suffering! This is to say the least about the modernized literacy of our day. Our age is the age when the return of barbaric practices takes place. We find no shame to be the direct or indirect source of anyone’s multiple afflictions, so long as we can entertain the ideals of our own Life. Those mortals are naïve in principle and to the core who believe to be of greater virtue than the rest. Their actuality plumps with time. Their souls have rotten to the staple. Yet, they remain entangled in the auspiciousness of their beings.

Life is neither a mystery we believe it to be nor a battle we perceive it to be. It is simple! And beautiful.  But like all things we humans have made our job to destroy, it has been corrupted with immoral impurities. Now, picking out the conceits of our creation seems an impossibility to us. We can’t imagine succeeding in isolation now. Our Falah is in the aggregated penance and purity of humanity. And to achieve this feat, we need a miracle sooner than later or the eternal doom will be ours in this world and after.Image


Message of Joy


The frosty night,

Reclining on the sight;

Wishes a better tomorrow,

Days devoid of sorrow;

The sun arises,

Light gleams and surprises;

Winter droplets stoop,

Jingling on the tree droops;

The sparrow shrieks,

Joined by all the wild freaks;

The darkness succumbs,

Glistening beads triumph;

The clouds hurry to greet,

Someone who graciously accepted defeat;

The ground calls to be hugged,

Grasslands no longer mugged;

Warm breezes when smuggled,

Songs of birds doubled;

Butterflies fluttering high,

Bring the message of joy;

“Be awake and walk proud,

The day won’t be long and shroud;

Anchor all the ferry,

Stand tall and be merry.”


Might is Right !!

Tick Tock,

Beats my heart,

No on winds that clock,

Wish Wash,

Someone far,

Beats down the scars,

And carries on,

With the melodies of a swan,

Knock Knock,

Don’t be shocked,

You are the cause,

Of that chaos,

Don Won,

Memories linger on,

Fading from the thoughts,

Are the people who fought,

The grace of heart,

And the pace taught,

Stitch Switch,

Learn a lesson from the witch,

Not to wish,

To travel in the mists,

And to cloud sights with fists,

I flash back,

And see through the cracks,

Hear the laments of the claque,

“Baby, it’s the rule of life,

All the way, might is right”.


How to Choose Bridal Jewelry


Hearing the word Wedding invokes a state on euphoria in a bride-to-be as well the expected guests.  Girls belonging to all the cultures, modern or old-fashioned, carry the same fantasies and dreams of celebrating that day with the utmost preparation. For this specific reason, every girl carries an anticipation of that special day and keeps an elaborate idea of the requirements needed for that day.

Many essential components constitute a bride’s perfect look for her perfect day. The most important yet often ignored requisite of a bridal complete up is the choice of the Bridal Jewelry.

First and foremost, choose the bridal dress as it would help determine the type of jewelry to get for the Special Day. The types of Lehanga (Eastern Bridal dress) vary in accordance with the theme or idea of the wedding. The most common subject of the ceremonies is traditional, modern, simple, flowing, old world or romantic.

The bridal jewelry should reflect the chosen feel and look. The following points may prove to be helpful in deciding the bridal jewelry:

  • Match the type of sparkle used in the dress.
  • Use crystals with crystals.
  • Look for a headpiece (jhomar, tikka, bindiya) with similar detailing.
  • Choose the jewelry keeping in mind the neckline of the Lehanga.
    • For simple light color Lehanga, select an elaborate necklace with drops or a gorgeous choker.
    • Mirror the neckline of the Lehanga. For example: For V-necked or sweet-heart necked Lehanga, choose V-shape or Y-shape necklace.
    • The Lehangas with high necklines do not require heavier necklaces. Hence, such brides should search for chandelier ear rings.
  • The most traditional element for a bride is a “Nathli”. Selection of jewelry needs to be complemented with the usage of the the nathli. A lower placed nathli looks gorgeous with appropriately encrusted diamantes.
  • If a bride decides not to go for a nathli, there are some original options available. The use of elegant nosepin with or without piecering will give a modern, chic and whimsical feel to the whole make-up of the bride.
  • The length of the bride’s hair plays a significant role in the choice of the bridal jewelry. For short-haired brides, the jewelry should very delicate, subtle and light. As a lot of pinning would not seem clean for these brides, they should opt for lighter headpiece. For long-haired brides, the selection of the jewelry depends considerably on the styling of the hair.
  • Hair color is another fundamental point to be kept in mind. Darker hair colors are better complimented with the jewelry which consists of diamantes and crystals in the specific color combination of the wedding dress. Whereas, white diamonds, white gold or pale jewels go elegantly with the lighter hair color.
  • The most crucial point to be remembered by every bride is NOT TO OVERDO it.
  • And most importantly, every wedding has a budget. Purchase your wedding jewelry that fits budget.

In the end of it all, it is the most auspicious day for any girl as she, for once in her life, gets to be the Queen of the gathering. She should enjoy all her hard work with an enigmatic smile because a perfect smile is the best jewel of all.