Silent Ode

There comes a day when,

I sing aloud the silent ode;

Secure my heart in a caress,

Hopelessly wander off the empty road;

Recurring declaims of everlasting lore,

Brimming birds passed the way and coed;

Fears battle the lucid thoughts,

The luminous essence blotched and flawed;

Amongst all the entity, divinity somehow shines through,

Bringing along the bundled up hope and joy endowed;

Laments take wings to fly and reach the high skies,

Angels descend down to save the mortal implode;

Open the locks to the joyous spree,

All around, love songs explode;

The time to fancy has thereto come too,

Decision of happiness well-written and composed.




    • Thank you warda Ch !!
      Appreciation for anything goes a long way 🙂 It adds new stream of cells to the humping thumping blood.
      Hope to see more of your remarks on the coming work.
      Peace xoxo

  1. Thanky you zohraschaudhry 🙂
    You are my rockstar 🙂 I hope you will read the coming work and I can make your signing in worth it.
    ❤ u loads 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Best of Regards,

  2. This is awsum yar. Superb.. 100 likes to your poem.. in this poem many things are Expressed.. Marim good one yar. My bestie. U were rock 🙂

  3. Well written, but I have some apprehensions regarding the prevalent oxymoron in the 7th line, for how could a thought be lucid if fear were to find in it an adversarial refuge? and there is a measure of superfluity as well, like in the 12th and 15th lines. These are of course subtle errors which in a way compliment your flawless writing, just want you to know that there are people who appreciate your work not for the sake of it, but for its true essence.

    Osama Iftikhar

    • Thank you 🙂
      Yes, I can so easily understand your apprehensions as I am fully aware of the superfluous nature, redundany and contradictions I put forward and its a surprise that no one has mentioned it before. I just can’t let a piece go without their additions ! I had been more of a fantasy provoker, just how inspiration comes. I do adore your comments, Osama 🙂 They help me grow:)
      Regards 🙂

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