Women’s shoes buying guide


The most essential accessories to complete every person’s daily look are the Shoes and the woman of every age is indispensably dependent on this particular accessory. Many women pay more attention to the purchase of shoes than that of clothes and I say they are right. This is to say that even the sanest women can be shoe crazy—noticeably greedy and disturbingly vain about what they put on their feet.  Feet are the often the most neglected part of our body. Yet, they help us in deciding the stature, nature and status of a person.

Before resolving to go for shoe shopping, specifically pick out the type of shoes you want. There is an enormous amount of variety available in the shoe market. Thus, it may divert your attention or confuse you when you are about to decide upon a selected pair.

While opting for a pair of shoes, make sure they are flattering to your body type and height. For example: some boots can cut off your legs at the thickest point and make you look larger than you really are. So, ensure that you buy the boots which elongate your figure. The knee boots with sketch marks can do this job by making heavier calves and ankles narrower. For women who want to look slimmer, they can buy tampered shoe which in itself gives a slimming reflection.

The women with short heights should avoid straps and ankle straps because they visually cut off length and make the legs appear smaller. Nevertheless, there is a wide range of choice available in heels. Stiletto, peep toe, open toe, slingback, wedges are the most commonly used types.

  • Thin heels are most flattering but often uncomfortable. But there are ways to make heels suitable for longer durations. Many fashionable heels don’t necessary have any padding – no pain, no gain I suppose? It doesn’t mean you have to suffer though; there are many gel pads and cushions inserts available today. You simply stick them to the sole of your shoes and you are ready to take your shoes on a ride.
  • If you bought new shoes for this new season, wear them around the house a bit to ‘loosen’ them up a bit. I think everyone can relate to wearing new shoes the very same day of buying them and having painful blisters.
  • Another tip is to buy thicker heels. The thicker the heel, the more comfortable you will be.
  • Ultra high heels (four or more than four inches) can actually make a short woman appear shorter because the calf muscles will flex much.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to find the right shoes to go with pants. The safest and trendiest choice is the flats. Flat shoes are a perfect wear for narrow or cropped pants. Additionally, “Oxfords and loafers” are the seamless match to wear with pants. Menswear inspired shoes should be paired exclusively with skirts and pants.

Comfort shoes are a daily requirement which is very conveniently completed by “sandals and casual pumps”.  These shoe types offer comfort as well as help in making a style statement.

The best options for the active people are athletic and athletic inspired shoes. They are useful for runners to avoid injuries because the insole present in the shoes gives support to the feet. They can also go with your casual clothing.

Most importantly, you should keep in mind to buy shoes that are comfortable, classic, latest and greatest as shoes go a long way. Ever since I can remember I have been told me to NEVER buy cheap shoes. And this was a lesson I have always kept in mind because you are better off splurging on one very expensive pair than buying many cheap pairs that will only last you a few wears. As ridiculous and laughable as it may seem, shoes are great investment because once you have the right shoe wardrobe and take proper care of your them, they will last you forever.



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  2. You would be driven giddy on Avenida Central in San Jose – shoe store, shoe store, shoe store, small market, shoe store, shoe store…on both sides of a pedestrian-only main street. There is one place where there are FIVE shoe stores next door to each other. The Costa Rican love for shoes? Who knows. That’s just how it is. Your posts fit in wonderfully here, or anywhere.

  3. I like your guide! It’s always hard for me to find cute shoes that hold up because I’m size 11. Ugh!
    Thanks for following my blog! I like yours too!

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