Peace Abode

The serenity emulates ocean deep,

A bejeweled territory it keeps;

Invites to hunt for the mystery,

And to slumber till eternity;

Mermaids promise to guard the tomb,

Never let anyone tread the gloom;

Current wavers lightly,

Recites the lullaby brightly;

“Go on child, sleep tight,

Hold no grudge and forgive fright;

At last, be at peace and cherish delight,

No one will be disturbed tonight;”

Sun rays desire to spell and creep,

And reach the one protected in the creek;

The sea clouds embrace the day,

Obscuring everything in a gray fray;

The shine walks away failing,

Not to return in the hailing;

The ocean proudly fulfills his oath,

No one trespasses this sleepy abode.



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