Message of Joy


The frosty night,

Reclining on the sight;

Wishes a better tomorrow,

Days devoid of sorrow;

The sun arises,

Light gleams and surprises;

Winter droplets stoop,

Jingling on the tree droops;

The sparrow shrieks,

Joined by all the wild freaks;

The darkness succumbs,

Glistening beads triumph;

The clouds hurry to greet,

Someone who graciously accepted defeat;

The ground calls to be hugged,

Grasslands no longer mugged;

Warm breezes when smuggled,

Songs of birds doubled;

Butterflies fluttering high,

Bring the message of joy;

β€œBe awake and walk proud,

The day won’t be long and shroud;

Anchor all the ferry,

Stand tall and be merry.”




      • I hadn’t heard from you recently…thought we’d lost connection. My settings must have gone awry. The internet here does what it wants, due to storms and earthquakes, and the wind. Do keep me in mind.

      • I had been away on urgent family matter. And I had missed being here πŸ™‚ It feels rreally good to know that I was missed too.
        You live in a constant mayhem. Must be on the run, always πŸ™‚ A weirdly dangerous excitement it would be.for all the ones there.

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