Our Homeland’s Worth

Fireworks all around,

Footsteps without a sound;

The routes to righteousness profound,

Illiteracy all around;

Inadequacies grown wildly on ground,

Unjust rulers found;

The nation bleeding from wound,

Followed by powerful hound;

Corruption with limitless bound;

We need to be freed,

Of all our misdeeds;

And eradicate sorrow,

To witness another tomorrow;

Joining hands,

To make our land;

A place to thrive,

Won’t sweep to worldly drives;

A heaven on earth,

Is our homeland’s worth.




  1. As I listen and hear the words above you express from your hear, I can see and follow what your verse holds to ones home. Thank you for sharing.

    The air we live and breathe, lingers thick and heavy in the lungs of all caught in the chaotic turmoils that bears destruction in chains harsh upon a peoples’ and the lands. For all lands’ worth, rest with their living peoples, plants, trees, animals, and the beauty above & below, As we all live and breathe, beneath the heat of the sun, here above the warmth of the earth, that which our feet pass upon.

    Where societies are slow to change, often it has been the natural world in the past that has instigated radical changes to resolve societys’ bent and twisted paths to what worth resides in the lands of the small planet we journey upon.

    • “For all lands’ worth, rest with their living peoples, plants, trees, animals, and the beauty above & below,”-That is true.
      Some of the most beautiful pieces of land have been pushed to ugliness by the corruption of their residents.
      When we flip through the pages of history, it does hold true. Nature is the best teacher and instigator of all the major changes,

  2. Maryam thanks for reading my posts Appeal to the President
    I had written the post due to the double standards of the US government
    You are staying in Pakistan and that is not at all your fault, If for a few terrorist
    drones are used against your country, killing innocent people, who are not involved
    with the terrorists, along with the terrorists majority of them killed are innocent people
    so why is he crying for a few American children and in turn ordering to kill thousands
    of innocent children and women in Iraq and Pakistan

    • I should be thanking you for that. All the governments are biased in dealing with a country like ours where the government and the people are on completely opposite ends. Terrorism today is a part of every country, I believe. Pakistan, unfortunately is at the hub of it all because of its history, past and political afflictions.
      You are right. Every life is precious. The world is not at the end of humanity, you are a warm person ! And raising your voice for all the right reasons. Stay blessed, Ajay!
      P.s : Luego means Seee you later in Spanish.

      • oh thank you so much for your response

        what about the other children in pakistan & iraq and afghanistan which are killed in drone attaks

        his crying for the american children only

        i have sent you a lovely song please listen to it
        I love it and would like to share with you

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