The Departed Soul

That withered soul

Breaks the human bonds

And soars

To set on a journey far

Beyond the reach of the mortal call

Finally drifts off to complete

The Fate full carved

Dwindles onto the hazed clues

On the reclusive path

To the promised reigns true

It splurges

Emerges to the prized highs

Conflicted with the urges

Thoughts of flying back

To once again

Immerse in the dazzling divulges

One last glance at the world

For that contentment of the broken soul

Covet those desires unfulfilled

Craves to utter the words unsaid and unspilled

Kinship roars

Although, quickly disfigured and implored

Hawks scourge to mislead the willed

Bit by the wrinkled claws skilled

Heaven prims surge

Giddily, stand at the light curve

Wait to embrace the departed soul

The trifle human remains

Are left of the life carefully mold

After him, days keep unveiling to unroll

Not any tasks hold gild

At last, men realize, memoriesΒ aren’tΒ sacred holes




  1. “One last glance at the world

    For that contentment of the broken soul

    Covet those desires unfulfilled

    Craves to utter the words unsaid and unspilled”

    brilliant πŸ™‚ very twisty n tricky

      • that’s why i wish to be burnt, maybe it’ll help my soul to fly back to Him without guilt or craving for a return.
        one can hope πŸ™‚
        but i think it’s why we are reborn, our collective soul seems to enjoy materiality and All its nuances a little bit too much πŸ™‚

      • Everyday is a conflict to make commitment to that wish.
        I always thought once Faith is a part of one’s mind, being Faithful would just come natural. But, I was so wrong. The struggle for His penance often takes a back seat in the dreams and desires of our life.

      • temptation is why we are here i think, it’s the ‘getting back to God ‘ that’s difficult,
        if you’ve never watched telly, then it isn’t difficult to go without it. but once you’ve become addicted to it and subsequently quit the telly, that i think is a stronger affirmation of the denial of the material senses.
        some religions ban television, but why can’t they harness it in the name of God?
        being disloyal seems like adultery lmao, i don’t think He minds our material nature, as long as we understand where he is when we feel weak for instance.
        i read somewhere that sometimes he strips a person of Everything, just so that they turn to him. much like when we turn to our parents in a time of crisis, people seem to remember God after a tragedy. otherwise we are far too busy enjoying our pretty little lives πŸ™‚
        i find that saying thank you or sorry to Him at the relevant times helps to maintain my ‘loyalty’ to Him πŸ™‚

      • The world of ours is full of tests and trials for us. Of course, God doesn’t mind us being busy in our life purposes as long as we reflect upon the reason and end of it all. The way to Him is definitely not restricted or limited. Every man has his own way of reaching Him. There is no particular specified road to it. Every religion cements the fact that human beings’ first duty lies to the people created by Him and it will pave the path to recognize Him. Just my humble thought.
        Power of telly, as you yourself pointed out πŸ™‚ We can just relate specific themes to particular words now.
        Disloyalty is the awareness of the truths that I know of Him and repeated deviating from those. Yet, the Faith comes back again somehow. Whoever said this is so right that “sometimes he strips a person of Everything, just so that they turn to him”
        Although, many of us weaklings fail to see this.
        Saying both of these takes some strong realization on my part. Thank you for the thought πŸ™‚ Learnt much πŸ™‚

      • thank you for another brilliant conversation πŸ™‚
        this Disloyalty, can we call it passionate ignorance?
        i hear the three modes of material nature are goodness, passion and ignorance

      • For me, everything is just intertwined and mixed up. Every being has so diverse classifications that nothing often fits into one category. The argument you raised though is interesting enough to have a thorough research and observation. That is why I love conversations ! Learning !!
        Regards πŸ™‚

  2. Sometimes I wished WordPress had a “Wow” button–the “Like” button doesn’t sufficiently capture my feeling at the moment and I’m left rather speechless. I just love this line so much: “Covet those desires unfulfilled.” Bravo.

  3. wow! you have an entire universe of poetry rolled up in the line, “memories aren’t sacred holes” alone, this is both deeply heart-felt and profound, not an easy task when writing about the mysteries. thank you for sharing it =)

    • My turn to Wow !! To me, this seems very ordinary and bland. To you, seemingly completely something else! I am simply beyond amazed.
      This to me is the lesson I should learn. I keep my memories very cherished and loved. But, in the end, that is for me only, Those memories to me may be sacred, but after me, they will hold little place to others. This realization was heart-felt and gut-wrenching that a whole world comes at an end by the passing of a mere soul and a complete being turned to just a body !
      Regards πŸ™‚

      • I think, though, poetry itself is proof that we can take sacred memories and present them in a way that they can be meaningful to others. After all, the memory must be important enough to the poet to write it down, to craft (some call edit) it into words, and then it must also feel true to the reader. If a poet can do that then the memory lives beyond the poet’s expectations. We use the word “simplistic” often as a negative, but the best poems in the world (for me) strike at the deepest truths because they take the complexities of being human and present the chaos in a fashion that we all can relate to. That form of simplicity is the hardest type of poetry to write, which is why I said wow, because you did it.

      • You are right ! The memories or thoughts or emotions written without pre-conceived notions is effective. But, the end of a life just seems the end to everything of that being’s world to me. I can’t seem to comprehend the strings of bonds attached to the person remain true for any after the passing. I can comprehend what you have said. But, may be my dark perception clouds the judgement. The work may inspire or hold light or expression to some now. Though, it may be forgotten soon. I take life like this now. Very harsh and not enduring and inconsiderately dark.

      • Yes, that is the danger the artist faces, you can spend your whole life creating but due to forces beyond our control nothing might survive us. I think about the lost works of Lord Byron and Federico Garcia Lorca, both of whom left their best manuscripts to friends right before their deaths and both of which had said manuscripts burned because the friends felt they were too “scandalous.” Still, their work still lives on and so will ours. That’s the nice thing about the internet, it saves so many things I’d much rather have never shared in the first place (ah, youthful folly). I’m a hospice nurse by trade and I agree with you, it is impossible at times to understand the bonds we connect with others during our lives, but we do, in ways we have no way of understanding, and that gives me hope.

      • Again, it comes back to the forceful implementation of one’s view on others. That is such a loss. Although, I am not much familiar with the works of Federico Garcia, it just pains me to think that a work of art didn’t see the light of the day. And thank you for introducing me to him πŸ™‚
        Yes, this is the hope that lets the work flow across. The fragility of human life in the end doesn’t transcend to the work left behind. Even if there’s one person that comes across it and learns or appreciates it πŸ™‚
        Your ahh at youthful folly is just so innocent πŸ™‚ And your work must be emotional for you. Do tell me more of it.
        You see, we find hope in the unlikeliest of places. That in itself is greater Hope.
        Regards πŸ™‚

  4. I see the chemical rent boy likes your stuff too. His compliments should not be taken lightly…he is brilliant with words, and he recognizes the same in your work, like I do.

  5. As the creatures of the night here release their calls, your words fill the night air from upon a distant mountain… That’s where I hear such an evoking rush of words, rushing through my mind’s inner thoughts on a dreamy night… Thank you for the words of verse.

    • Yes, soul is the purest component. This was just an expression of how unready my soul is for the mystery that awaits. And how quick death is in its strong clutch as I have seen many people go at a time when they most craved for ‘something more meaningful’ in their lives. You always have an entirely different view and i adore reading that πŸ™‚

  6. I am honored that you came and LIKED my blog. This was amazing! I feel that matching the photos with the words is an art form in it’s self and you mastered it beautifully here! Going right now to click follow!!!!

  7. For me reminded of beat, rhyme, vocab of John Donne and that era of English poetry style which I enjoyed in my studies decades ago. Thanks visit my blog, funny stuff there. .


    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

  9. Hi Maryam,sensational poem,beautifully written .,smooth like silk.Thank you for following my blog.l will follow yours .you have an inspiring blog..My best regards.jalal

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