Thank you Scott for being a wonderful person and an amazing friend.

Human Writes

Maryam ShahbazI sent my friend Maryam an e-mail…wanted to make sure she didn’t mind me using her picture in this piece.  A female activist in her country was recently assassinated for audaciously using words to call attention to the suffering in her land.  There’s money and power in misery, and those who try to pull the plug on the money machine will pay…with their lives, if necessary.  I didn’t want to put my friend in any such danger.  She is a poet, and she has a voice, and she is a woman, and…she’s from the dangerous and demonized nation of Pakistan.

She didn’t answer for a few days, and I was concerned.  Finally, this came:

“Major electricity and internet problem ! Our government is striving to provide us with many options of ‘going out’.  Now, everyone is losing their hope for a brighter day.  Those who have means to go…

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  1. The words-the, each of your lines, carry what your heart sees, breathes, and more, right there to seek the link, the gate to change, to seek life for others, and a homeland in a better way. It’s difficult to follow how the world has become bent to the shape it is rusting in at the moment, other than that some of humanity has lost sight of humanity, while they contort the sphere we live upon. I love how your words open up a conversation to what is happening in the places you travel in life, in the worlds which find you, a writer, a drive to communicate what is happening, what exists in the unique experiences people (you, we each) live, in unique parts of our globe (your home, any of our homes). Thank you for the freedom to be able to share in reading your writing, poetry, and experiences… Love to one atmosphere.

  2. There are times in one’s life when important events happen and often you don’t even know you’re witness to something amazing. There is snow floating in the sky outside my window just now and often in a world of cold grey and brown it is hard to imagine being part of anything amazing and yet I read your words and realize it is a blessing to get to be part of your creative vision. I am so glad Maryam has friends like you and Scott. That makes everything else a lot easier. Cheers!

  3. Asalam o aluikum, Maryam. Look at all these people who love your and your work. Your voice is important, and one that will find many more ears, Inshaa-Allah. Glad to a part of your process.

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