Disdain Acts


Disdain Acts

Wanderings of the nothing thoughts,

Banish the wisdom of the sane facades,

Fondness of the reclusive path,

Leads the pierced heart of the resolve,

Nature clouds the human sanctity,

Embraces him to revert back to that destiny,

Frisking about in the rain of divinity,

Those ugly truths of soul revere frivolity,

Inept gibberish persuades the young grudge,

To spread forward and reach a new judge,

For all the acts disdain,

Graces the stage, the proud parade,

Sins of the devilish evade,

The sounds to the empty hearsay,

Attributes of the misery brocades,

Gleefully, the soiree of solace negates,

That rowan, demersal forte,

For the demonized, denigration of this state



  1. Hurrah for “frisking about in the rain of divinity”! This world needs more frisking in it, what a happy word! Thank you for sharing this, once again I am delighted. Cheers, my friend. Zachary.

    • Isn’t that what we all crave for ! Soul often gets imprisoned by the bars of our follies and longs to be reuniteed to its core, divinity. And I am delighted, like always to hear this my friend.
      Thank you !
      Regards and blessings your way 🙂

      • I think we all knew this once, but for many people they forget it, until someone like you comes along and helps remind them. That’s what I love about your poetry and writing, you remind us we are all spirits dancing in the rain! that is a blessing, my friend!

      • You make me feel grand and I keep on writing to see if what you say is true 🙂 I can only thank you in words and they often fall short. Thank you, still 🙂
        Regards, my friend 🙂

      • heehee, but it is true! anyway, you are doing the difficult part, making art that speaks powerfully — that is verrry hard. i am just lucky that your words are now part of my life. that’s a gift =)

  2. Favorite line: “Wanderings of the nothing thoughts” Often we waste time with empty thoughts that come from our empty hearts until we get a little wakeup call

  3. Alasam o aluikum, Maryam,
    I started to pick out favorite lines, then gave up…too many of them. I would have re-written half the lines in this little box. Seems like everybody loves poem anyway – so I’ll just say Inshaa-Allah there will be more, and more, and more, from my favorite Punjabie princess.
    Saludos a tu y tu familia –

    • Waluikum Asalam ! 🙂
      You know, relfecting back, I can stil remember you being the first one commenting my work. We sure have come a long way !
      And I thank you for all the wonderful words you have given me, but the one right here makes me feel like a warrior, unequivocal connotation I had:)
      Adios par ahora, Luego 🙂

    • Thank you my dearest ! I believe I just can not tell you how much your words help minimize the clouds of doubts that often hover around ! Thank you again for being such a pleasant and sincere one !
      Regards dearest one:)

  4. Love the combinations, the rise and fall of the counters, a fierce dance of words between the shadow and the light, I felt every line inside as it breached the surface in its velocity torn flight. Hard not to hear and listen to the sound of every syllable as it rolls from the tongue. Fantastic writing, Maryam!

  5. There is a very strong and firm stance in the words of this poem…it speaks emphatically. Great work!

  6. the photograph of the water crystals of nature…pinging the earth..like the thoughts you have written pinging my heart…i could feel the lost…the confusion…the struggle: “Banish the wisdom of the sane facades”…i live in hope there is more…Powerful poetry~ thank you…

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