A Young Poet’s Pilgrimage in the City of Poets

Another one in the series 🙂

Human Writes

Maryam MarketI met the young poet on a social media site.  Over the past few months we’ve become friends – more than friends I guess.  She addresses me in Urdu, her native language, as big brother.  I address her in Spanish as my little sister.  Odd to me, having such a relationship with someone on almost the exact opposite side of the world…Sialkot, Pakistan – the City of Poets.  I asked my little sister, the poet Maryam Shabhaz, if she would visit the shrine of Allama Iqbal, the national poet of Pakistan and another native of Sialkot, to give readers an idea of the importance of poets in her country.  She sent me these photos of her pilgrimage.

Maryam started with a photo of the bazaar, not an unusual place to start in a city with a history similar to Sialkot.  Alexander the great made Sialkot the eastern-most outpost of his empire.  Persians, Afghans, Sikhs…

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  1. Teri Rehmaton Pe Hai Munhasir Mere Har Amal Ki Qabooliyat,
    Na Mujhe Saleeqa-e-Ilteja Na Mujhe Shaoor-e-Namaz Hai

    As much as I liked Iqbal’s poetry, I wasn’t aware that he was a native of Sialkot. Surely, blessed is the land where he was born! Thanks for sharing this. By the way, do you write in Urdu too?

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