A Lament



A Lament

The improbable tragedies of the befallen,

Has rung the music of the solemn,

Oh, how low the mighty have fallen!

Without the swords of faith,

Their souls heartbrokenly fail to resonate,

The desend to heaven , now, has to forever wait.





My Lord,

Soak my soul with the lightning of raved fire,

Drench the mortal cloak with a luminous desire,

Let my famished foil caress the delicate divine vial,

Carcass of imprisonment be to the trail, left in a fretful while,

My Merciful,

Lead the flame lit routes of prism paves, whilst an unprecedented friar,

Embrace ‘tis beaten down morality, drowned in countless torments amongst needs, dire,

My Creator,

Tame my soul to shine through the social norms and aspire,

To alter the frequent prevalent charades, longeth required,

Uplift the revered pathos above all tyrannical inquires,

Fathom the velvety darkness of pivotal python acquired,

You and I


You and I

I pledge to open my heart

To witness the screens of biased plots

I request to you, my friend

Spare a few relentless specks of unrest

And to me, grant your thoughts for a mere courtesy

For a moment, travel to the roads of willful spiritual ecstasy

Together, let’s pave a world free of greed

With you and I, let’s eradicate every fanatical fantasy

My world is a precious belonging to me

For I would not wish to see it bleed

And fiddle all the accusations to thee

My world is a world with no creed

I may be a maimed soul with numerous maladies

But, my heart still rejoices all the gleeful melodies

Of yonder, the time of peaceful sprees

Those days when judgments of pride shall hear no decree

Maligned soul struggles to battle that intolerant abnormality

And looks up to heaven in wait of intervention, devotedly

Disdain Acts


Disdain Acts

Wanderings of the nothing thoughts,

Banish the wisdom of the sane facades,

Fondness of the reclusive path,

Leads the pierced heart of the resolve,

Nature clouds the human sanctity,

Embraces him to revert back to that destiny,

Frisking about in the rain of divinity,

Those ugly truths of soul revere frivolity,

Inept gibberish persuades the young grudge,

To spread forward and reach a new judge,

For all the acts disdain,

Graces the stage, the proud parade,

Sins of the devilish evade,

The sounds to the empty hearsay,

Attributes of the misery brocades,

Gleefully, the soiree of solace negates,

That rowan, demersal forte,

For the demonized, denigration of this state

Lustrous World

Lustrous World

My secrets take wings on the bellowing winds,

The angels gazed down and widely grinned,

I am introduced to a bright new world,

A world filled with lustrous glory and light twirls,


The Departed Soul

That withered soul

Breaks the human bonds

And soars

To set on a journey far

Beyond the reach of the mortal call

Finally drifts off to complete

The Fate full carved

Dwindles onto the hazed clues

On the reclusive path

To the promised reigns true

It splurges

Emerges to the prized highs

Conflicted with the urges

Thoughts of flying back

To once again

Immerse in the dazzling divulges

One last glance at the world

For that contentment of the broken soul

Covet those desires unfulfilled

Craves to utter the words unsaid and unspilled

Kinship roars

Although, quickly disfigured and implored

Hawks scourge to mislead the willed

Bit by the wrinkled claws skilled

Heaven prims surge

Giddily, stand at the light curve

Wait to embrace the departed soul

The trifle human remains

Are left of the life carefully mold

After him, days keep unveiling to unroll

Not any tasks hold gild

At last, men realize, memories aren’t sacred holes


Our Homeland’s Worth

Fireworks all around,

Footsteps without a sound;

The routes to righteousness profound,

Illiteracy all around;

Inadequacies grown wildly on ground,

Unjust rulers found;

The nation bleeding from wound,

Followed by powerful hound;

Corruption with limitless bound;

We need to be freed,

Of all our misdeeds;

And eradicate sorrow,

To witness another tomorrow;

Joining hands,

To make our land;

A place to thrive,

Won’t sweep to worldly drives;

A heaven on earth,

Is our homeland’s worth.


Message of Joy


The frosty night,

Reclining on the sight;

Wishes a better tomorrow,

Days devoid of sorrow;

The sun arises,

Light gleams and surprises;

Winter droplets stoop,

Jingling on the tree droops;

The sparrow shrieks,

Joined by all the wild freaks;

The darkness succumbs,

Glistening beads triumph;

The clouds hurry to greet,

Someone who graciously accepted defeat;

The ground calls to be hugged,

Grasslands no longer mugged;

Warm breezes when smuggled,

Songs of birds doubled;

Butterflies fluttering high,

Bring the message of joy;

“Be awake and walk proud,

The day won’t be long and shroud;

Anchor all the ferry,

Stand tall and be merry.”


Might is Right !!

Tick Tock,

Beats my heart,

No on winds that clock,

Wish Wash,

Someone far,

Beats down the scars,

And carries on,

With the melodies of a swan,

Knock Knock,

Don’t be shocked,

You are the cause,

Of that chaos,

Don Won,

Memories linger on,

Fading from the thoughts,

Are the people who fought,

The grace of heart,

And the pace taught,

Stitch Switch,

Learn a lesson from the witch,

Not to wish,

To travel in the mists,

And to cloud sights with fists,

I flash back,

And see through the cracks,

Hear the laments of the claque,

“Baby, it’s the rule of life,

All the way, might is right”.


Peace Abode

The serenity emulates ocean deep,

A bejeweled territory it keeps;

Invites to hunt for the mystery,

And to slumber till eternity;

Mermaids promise to guard the tomb,

Never let anyone tread the gloom;

Current wavers lightly,

Recites the lullaby brightly;

“Go on child, sleep tight,

Hold no grudge and forgive fright;

At last, be at peace and cherish delight,

No one will be disturbed tonight;”

Sun rays desire to spell and creep,

And reach the one protected in the creek;

The sea clouds embrace the day,

Obscuring everything in a gray fray;

The shine walks away failing,

Not to return in the hailing;

The ocean proudly fulfills his oath,

No one trespasses this sleepy abode.