My Person

My heart aches

For your sorrows

My fingers long

For your touch

Oh my beloved

Come to me once

For all I want

Is to be reunited

And whisk you away forever

Not to be left again in wails

For you are tender

And you are gentle

And you held a life

You will be in my heart till it dies

No thoughts do you justice

No words alleviate your grief

A day will come

When we will eventually be one

To prostrate before The Eternal

Only then will I see you get what your heart desired


Gentle Onslaught


Gentle Onslaught

Stroking the wind arcs,

Floating on the numeric dark,

Thistles of infinite lauds,

Grope life out of the star,


That sparkling star,

Once, shined and stalled,

The fateful maneuver put forth,

The unveiling travels scratch those remaining avatars.

A Young Poet’s Pilgrimage in the City of Poets

Another one in the series ūüôā

Human Writes

Maryam MarketI met the young poet on a social media site.¬† Over the past few months we‚Äôve become friends ‚Äď more than friends I guess.¬† She addresses me in Urdu, her native language, as big brother.¬† I address her in Spanish as my little sister.¬† Odd to me, having such a relationship with someone on almost the exact opposite side of the world‚ĶSialkot, Pakistan¬†‚Äď the City of Poets.¬† I asked my little sister, the poet Maryam¬†Shabhaz, if she would visit the shrine of Allama Iqbal, the national poet of Pakistan and¬†another native of Sialkot, to give readers an idea of the importance of poets in her country.¬† She sent me these photos of her pilgrimage.

Maryam started with a photo of the bazaar, not an unusual place to start in a city with a history similar to Sialkot.  Alexander the great made Sialkot the eastern-most outpost of his empire.  Persians, Afghans, Sikhs…

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Allama Iqbal and the City of Poets

A most wonderful, apt read about a legendary man in the words of the most amazing person.

Human Writes

Give to the youth my sighs of dawn;

Give wings to these eaglets again,

This dear Lord, is my only wish ‚Äď

That my insights should be shared by all !

This poem is from the book Bal ‚Äď e -Jibreel by Muhammad Iqbal, the national poet of Pakistan.¬† Dr. Iqbal was one of the foremost thinkers and doers of his land of Punjab, formerly India, now Pakistan.¬† Dr. Iqbal began his education at Scotch Mission College in his hometown of Sialkot,then did graduate work in Arabic and Philosophy at the Government College in Lahore.¬† He also studied in England, earning a degree in Philosophy from Cambridge University, qualified as a barrister in London, and finally earned his doctorate from the University of Munich before returning to his native land where he practiced law, became a professor of Philosophy and English Literature, and produced poetic‚Ķ

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The effects of the catstrophe created by man !


Published on Apr 9, 2013

Mothers of Fukushima is the first part of a documentary on the mothers in Fukushima and refugees who have left Fukushima to protect their children and families. They are being told by TEPCO¬†and the Japanese government with the support of the US government and the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA that they can overcome radiation and that Fukushima can be ‚Äúdecontaminated‚ÄĚ. They are fighting to save their children and their families.

For further video go to
‚ÄúFukushima, Never Again‚Ä̬†…
Production Of Labor Video Project


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Social Media and Friends?

“I think that that is one of the most sincere signs of a friendship.” It is and regretfully, the power problems carry on the bull in the bull fight you mentioned !
I had always been most cynical about the cyber space commmunications but, you are right. We have to re-evaluate the prejudices towards it.

Human Writes

tamarindo estuary playa conchal atenas 183

I never thought about friendships formed through social media, or any technologically mediated communications, as a possibility.¬† As a matter of fact, I‚Äôve been critical of any claims of such friendships made by students or relatives young enough to never have known a world without such possibilities.¬† Now I‚Äôm going to have to re-evaluate a few established prejudices.¬† This is not easy after discounting the whole idea as being¬†born from the isolation and desperation¬†of shut-in computer nerds and people so socially inept they can‚Äôt form meaningful bonds with ‚Äúreal‚ÄĚ friends.

She ‚Äď a¬†young woman from a medium-sized city¬†located in the border area where India, Pakistan, and Kashmir¬†have established imaginary lines defining their¬†geographical claims.¬† Several of these imaginary lines are dotted lines, disputes that often¬†result in social, political, and religious divides supported by prideful indignation and suspicion,¬†which makes for a dangerous neighborhood.

Me ‚Äď a White-looking male twice‚Ķ

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Thank you Scott for being a wonderful person and an amazing friend.

Human Writes

Maryam ShahbazI sent my friend Maryam an e-mail…wanted to make sure she didn’t mind me using her picture in this piece.  A female activist in her country was recently assassinated for audaciously using words to call attention to the suffering in her land.  There’s money and power in misery, and those who try to pull the plug on the money machine will pay…with their lives, if necessary.  I didn’t want to put my friend in any such danger.  She is a poet, and she has a voice, and she is a woman, and…she’s from the dangerous and demonized nation of Pakistan.

She didn’t answer for a few days, and I was concerned.  Finally, this came:

‚ÄúMajor electricity and internet problem ! Our government is striving to provide us with many options of ‚Äėgoing out‚Äô.¬† Now, everyone is losing their hope for a brighter day.¬† Those who have means to go‚Ķ

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